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How to Put on a Cummerbund | Generation Tux

What IS the pur­pose of a cum­mer­bund, exact­ly? We’ll explore that, and more, in our step by step guide on how to put on a cum­mer­bund, wear it well, and feel like the sharpest dressed man in the room.

If you’re baf­fled by the cum­mer­bund, you’re not alone. If you thought it was spelled “cum­ber­bun” and aren’t entire­ly sure how to wear it, have no fear. Here’s a step by step guide on how to put on and wear this cru­cial tux acces­so­ry.

How to Put on a Cummerbund: The Basics

  • Hold your cum­mer­bund to your waist. Be sure that it cov­ers your entire pant waist­band— that’s the prop­er way to wear it.
  • Make sure that the pleats of your cum­mer­bund are fac­ing up and out.
  • Adjust so that the cum­mer­bund fits you firm­ly.
  • Once you have the right fit, fas­ten the buck­le at the back of your waist.
  • If you need to adjust your fit, take the cum­mer­bund off and flip it over. You’ll see an adjustable strap. Just be sure to tuck any excess strap mate­r­i­al into the pock­et of your cum­mer­bund!

So, what is the pur­pose of the cum­mer­bund? Short Sto­ry: it looks fan­tas­tic. Longer sto­ry: it has a fas­ci­nat­ing his­to­ry that dates back to the 1850’s.  Though trends have come and gone over the past 200+ years, the cum­mer­bund still looks best when paired with a sharp bowtie. 

A word of cau­tion: though we love cum­mer­bunds, some men are bet­ter suit­ed to vests. If you’re not con­fi­dent about your mid­dle area, a vest may be a more flat­ter­ing and com­fort­able choice.

Wearing a Cummerbund Down the Aisle

Even if you’re not quite at the ready to com­mit stage, keep in mind that Gen­er­a­tion Tux gives grooms the chance to per­fect your look months before the wed­ding by offer­ing a free Home Try-on for the groom, and they deliv­er everyone’s out­fit 14 days pri­or to your event. With 21 styles to choose from and thou­sands of acces­so­ry options— includ­ing cum­mer­bunds in plen­ty of col­ors— you are sure to find the right look for you.

PS: If you found this video help­ful, head over to our blog or YouTube chan­nel— they’re full of easy to fol­low how-to’s and tips from experts. 

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