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How To Put On Your Tuxedo Jacket

The jack­et may be the most impor­tant part of a sleek tuxe­do, but it can get a lit­tle con­fus­ing. Here’s a step by step guide on how to put on and wear your tuxe­do jack­et, the fin­ish­ing touch to your for­mal out­fit.

Tuxe­do jack­ets a great for an ultra-sleek look because of how much they stand out from a reg­u­lar suit jack­et. Satin lapels and but­tons push this look over the top.

And speak­ing of lapels, did you know you can get a tuxe­do jack­et with one of three dif­fer­ent lapel styles? A tra­di­tion­al notch lapel, an ele­vat­ed peak lapel, or a smooth shawl lapel. Here’s a post on how to choose the best lapel for you.

More “How-to” videos can be found on our blog and YouTube chan­nel.

Not quite to the putting-every­thing-on stage yet? No prob­lem. Keep in mind, Gen­er­a­tion Tux gives grooms the chance to per­fect your look months before the wed­ding and deliv­ers everyone’s out­fit 14 days pri­or to your event. With 21 styles to choose from and thou­sands of acces­so­ry options, you are sure to find the right look for you.

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