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Mar, 28 2018

Long Tie Or Bow Tie?

Long Tie Or Bow Tie?

The great tie debate! The quick answer: it’s all about preference. There’s really no right or wrong answer. There are pros and cons to each for different outfits. Consider the following when making your decision:

LONG TIE vs. Bow Tie

Long ties are a classic choice. The size makes for a larger area to add more color or patterns to your wardrobe. Plus, you can use a tie bar to show off your personality while being functional.

Bow ties help to give your look an instant upgrade to ultra-formal. They are a great, classic option for tuxedos, as they allow you to show off your studs.

Tie History

One of the biggest elements of formal wear is the stark contrast between dark and light. When wearing a bow tie the V element of the shirt against suit/tux with donning a tie is very striking. This V element creates the look of a thin waist and broad shoulder. The bow tie is an important piece in this illusion because it draws your eye under the jawline and to the face.

Wearing a long tie does the opposite. It draws your eye vertically towards the navel. Long ties are traditionally worn with suits only. Think back to later decades, suits and ties were the standards unless you were a blue-collar worker. Dressing up required a more elevated approach, tuxedos and bowties became the standard for formalwear.

Understanding that formalwear is just that, formal, meaning to preserve a tradition or form; not reinventing it. Black tie formalwear is the gold standard for tuxedos. Keep in mind you can be unique and carry over your personal style with your formalwear choices.


If you are wearing a pleated shirt, you will want to wear a bow tie. Pleated shirts are very formal and usually require studs. Wearing studs, you’ll want to show them off and a long tie will cover the shirt studs.

Bow ties are a bit bolder in a suit. If you are considering pairing a bow tie with a suit, keep in mind you might stand out a little in a crowd. Ties ultimately communicate a lot of information about the wearer, it’s really a reflection of style and personality.

The good news? Generation Tux offers a free home try-on. You can select any style of tie, so if you’re wanting to try something different, the home try-on is the perfect opportunity to find your right look and try new things.

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