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The Great Groom Debate: Suit Or Tuxedo

On the fence about a suit or tux? Here are some seri­ous and semi-seri­ous thoughts to pon­der that will help you know what to choose so you’ll look your most stun­ning for any event.

First off, here is the main dif­fer­ence between a suit and a tux: satin. There are a mil­lion web­sites that’ll give you the break­down, so let’s just go over the high­lights.


Tux­es have satin lapels, satin-cov­ered but­tons, no belt loops, bespoke lin­ing sto­ry, flap or besom pock­ets, and no bar­codes.

In gen­er­al, you don’t wear belts with tuxe­dos because you have sus­penders to do the job. If you want to show­case your snazzy studs, be aware that a long tie will cov­er them. Your shirt should have a winged col­lar to show off your bow tie. Tra­di­tion­al­ly, cuf­flinks match your shirt studs (but you don’t have to). At least try to keep the met­al the same.

Your shoes could be shinier, sure, but the most fun thing about a tuxe­do is, every­thing just feels sharp­er because of these few changes.

cufflinks and a black tuxedo

It’s hard to say exact­ly all the right occa­sions for a tuxe­do. Obvi­ous­ly black-tie affairs, proms, wed­dings, operas or sym­phonies, but you could wear one at mile­stone occa­sions or even a more for­mal group or pri­vate event.

We also think it’s becom­ing more and more about how you want to feel. At Gen­er­a­tion Tux, we believe that tuxe­dos are a state of mind and a feel­ing. So, if you’re look­ing for that extra boost of good look­ing that comes from a few studs and some cuf­flinks, we think it’s well worth it to show up in a tuxe­do for almost any occa­sion. Except when the groom isn’t in a tux. then for everyone’s sake, don’t ever out-dress him!


Suits, of course, are in a league of their own. Suits are the gold stan­dard when it comes to look­ing good, or at least more con­ser­v­a­tive, for almost any occa­sion. Depend­ing on the cut, you can pret­ty much feel com­fort­able pulling off a suit from your work­place to a bar or even a beach wed­ding. The only dif­fer­ence you’ll expe­ri­ence is the num­ber of heads that turn your way.

If you’re the groom and you’re not sure which way to go, fol­low your bride’s lead. If her bridal dress is more of a gown, then a tuxe­do will match her, and the occa­sion, bet­ter. It’s up to you guys to set the type of vibe you want for your guests and for your mem­o­ries. Fan­cy is always fun, casu­al is always com­fort­able. The time of day for your event can also be a defin­ing fac­tor of whether it’s bet­ter to go with the evening for­mal­i­ty of a tux or less for­mal suit­ing for day time occa­sions.

groom in blue suit

When it comes to our suit­ing, we have mod­ern and slim fits. Our mod­ern is more slim than a clas­sic mod­ern, more tapered through the tor­so while keep­ing the clas­sic length, and is made of luxe super 140s and 130s meri­no wool. Our slim fit lays close to your body with a slight­ly short­er jack­et length and is tapered through the tor­so to accen­tu­ate a slim­mer frame.

For us, we val­ue suits and tuxe­dos equal­ly so that’s why we kept it all one price point, plus free ship­ping. We want to keep it sim­ple for you. That’s it.

So, whether you go with a suit or a tuxe­do for the big day, we sup­port you either way. We just want to make sure we have the selec­tion so you can show the world how you’re feel­ing, no mat­ter where you end up.

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