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Top 7 Things People Forget the Day of Their Wedding

With so much going on the day of your wed­ding, it is not hard to imag­ine some things get­ting left by the way­side. Here’s the top sev­en things that peo­ple for­get the day of their wed­ding so hope­ful­ly you can run inter­fer­ence and not make the same mis­takes.

1. Charge phone

While you are prob­a­bly not going to be spend­ing a lot of time on your phone dur­ing your wed­ding, it is still a good idea to make sure it is charged up the morn­ing-of. With all the run­ning around you’ll be doing before get­ting ready for your big day, you nev­er know what might pop up. You still need a way to com­mu­ni­cate with brides­maids, grooms­men, ven­dors, or your par­ents.

2. Eat and hydrate

This sounds like some­thing obvi­ous, but it is incred­i­ble how many peo­ple for­get to eat and hydrate before their wed­ding. You’re ner­vous and incred­i­bly busy, so it’s an easy over­sight. So make sure that there are plen­ty of (healthy) snacks and water bot­tles lay­ing around for every­one. There should 100 per­cent be no pass­ing out from low blood sug­ar and dehy­dra­tion.

3. Practice vows

Your wed­ding cer­e­mo­ny is not the time to be wing­ing it. The best way to make sure your vows sound nat­ur­al when it comes time, it to prac­tice them out loud before hand. If you start well in advance, there’s plen­ty of time for edits and mem­o­riza­tion.

groom in blue suit reading letter from bride

4. Tissues

There is a pret­ty good chance there will be cry­ing. Any­one prone to get­ting emo­tion­al should have a tis­sue hid­den away to del­i­cate­ly wipe away tears dur­ing the cer­e­mo­ny.

5. Tips or final payments for vendors

With every­thing going on, it comes as no sur­prise that tips for your ven­dors gets over­looked. Put some­one respon­si­ble in charge of some clear­ly labeled envelopes to help ease this process. Try­ing to tip them after the fact can be dif­fi­cult, so it’s bet­ter for every­one if this is tak­en care of before every­one heads home.

6. Dancing shoes

If you don’t mind danc­ing bare­foot on a floor that every­one has walked and spilled drinks all over, then by all means, go for it. If, how­ev­er, you want to air on the side of cau­tion, and hygiene, make sure all the ladies have an extra pair of shoes packed just for this occa­sion.

7. Luggage

If you’re leav­ing for the hon­ey­moon the next day, it may be a good idea to find a safe and smart place to store your lug­gage. Every piece you’ll need. You’d hate to get to the air­port in the morn­ing and real­ize you left the bag with your phone charg­er or toi­letries.

bride and groom in black tuxedo getting into old car

What­ev­er hap­pens on the day of your wed­ding, even if that means you for­got some­thing, it’s impor­tant to take a deep breath and tack­le it with an even head, despite feel­ing like the world is crash­ing down around you. This is sup­posed to be one of the best days of your life and you should enjoy it as much as you pos­si­bly can. Make sure mul­ti­ple peo­ple have your list of to-dos. And please, please, please, remem­ber to eat.

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