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Sep, 10 2020

Top 10 Boutonniere Trends For 2021

Top 10 Boutonniere Trends For 2021

Who says the bride should be the only one receiving flowers on the wedding day? A beautiful boutonniere can add the perfect finishing touch to the groom and groomsmen’s attire at this special event—and there’s a whole new crop of exciting trends coming up for next year.


Here are the top 10 we think you should take into consideration before choosing your own boutonniere.

Color Coordination.

We’ll be seeing more color in the florals that are picked, as well as a lot of matching the flower to the bride’s bouquet to bring in cohesion, says Laura Maddox of Magnolia Celebrates.


Mix and Match.

The groomsmen do not need to wear the same boutonniere accessory. In fact, Joan Wyndrum O’Hara of Blooms by the Box predicts that each guy will be sporting a design that is unique, mixing and matching the flowers and colors to coordinate together.

More Foliage and Florals.

Amy McCord Jones of Flower Moxie believes that dried and bleached greenery and foliage will be used more in 2021. “For the past several years, many couples have been opting for more masculine boutonniere options by forgoing florals and sticking with greenery and thistle, but we are beginning to see an uptick in dried bunny tail grass, bleached Italian ruscus, and dried copper foliage like Autumn eucalyptuses,” she explains.

Lots of Layers.

Rather than a simple small flower or bud, Kylie Carlson of The Wedding Academy expects boutonnieres to become lusher. “In fact, many couples are utilizing boutonnieres as a scaled-down version of the wedding bouquet—much less volume, but all of the same ‘wow’ factor. Subtle is no longer the trend, and instead, we’ll see layered blooms and textures,” she says.

Various Textures.

Think about pairing herbs, foliage, or small blooms to pay homage to the bride’s bouquet, says Nora Sheils of Bridal Bliss.

Wider Design.

This will be the year for wide boutonnieres that actually goes into the pocket, instead of attached by a pin, says Jennifer Borgh of Borghinvilla Wedding Venue.

Berry Accents.

To really make a boutonniere pop in 2021, put some berries and natural foliage into the arrangement, suggests Carlson. This adds dimension and it could be a nice touch for seasonal weddings.

Ribbon Wrapping.

Ribbon will play an integral role in the overall look by covering the tape often used in the production of the piece, says Borgh.

Mixed Elements.

Typically, couples get creative with boutonnieres through their floral choices. Now, Borgh is seeing the focus on incorporating mixed mediums, such as twisted metals or perhaps a dried sea urchin for a beach celebration.

Fabric Floral.

Want something that will last beyond the wedding day? Opt for a floral pocket square. “It’s like a boutonniere and pocket square had a baby—and it’s unique and different,” says Gretchen Culver of Rocket Science Events.



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