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Choosing Trendy or Traditional for Your Wedding


When it comes to wedding planning, one of the decisions you have to make is whether you’re going to include some of the newest trends or stick with the traditional look and feel. Your decision on this will affect everything from the wedding gown and music to the food and the cake—unless of course, you’re considering combining the two styles, which is easier than it sounds!

Before you decide which option is best, here’s a look at what elements make up a traditional vs. trendy wedding. Once you know the details that reflect each style, you can determine which one to choose or you can use some elements of each.

Wedding Attire

Most people can spot a traditional wedding gown pretty fast. It tends to be long and white, with lots of elegant or frilly details, such as tulle or lace. Traditional bridesmaids dresses are also easy to point out since they all match each other—as well as the wedding’s overall color scheme—and typically go past the knees. As for the groomsmen in a traditional wedding, their tuxes or suits all tend to match the groom’s attire in both color and style.

But if you’re not going for a traditional look, note that trendy wedding dresses can vary in color, style and length. You might choose a white or off-white dress with a strip of color that matches the bridesmaid dresses, or you might not choose a white dress at all. Trendy wedding dresses come in all shades, and they can be anything from simple and modern to frilly enough to catch anyone’s eye.

And if you’re into wedding trends, you might ask the bridesmaids to choose the style and length of dresses that suit them, as long as it’s about the same color as the others. This allows bridesmaids to be comfortable in a dress they feel flatters their shape.

Similarly, you can let the groomsmen mix and match the colors or styles of their tuxes or suits so they stand out from the groom’s. Another option is to ask them each to pick a tie or bowtie in a different color for a trendy twist on wedding attire. Here are some more tips on how to stand out from your groomsmen.

Groom and groomsmen goofing off in black tuxedos

Wedding Music

It used to be that the typical wedding reception featured either a live band or a DJ to play music for everyone to dance to. And that’s still a common route to take for traditional weddings if you want the music to be handled by a professional so you don’t have to worry about it on your special day.

But if you’re trying to save money, you can try out the trend of asking a friend to play the DJ for the night. All they have to do is control the playlist that you can make ahead of time. As long as you, your friend or the venue can get the right equipment for this option—even if it’s just a laptop and good speakers—you’ll have the music you want at your wedding without spending much at all.

Bohemian bride and groom in blue suit with wedding party


There’s even a difference between traditional and trendy flowers. Traditionally, the bride walks down the aisle with a big bouquet of white or pink flowers tied with a pretty ribbon. And of course, at the reception, the bride will toss her traditional flowers (generally a second, smaller bouquet) to one of her single friends, as the bouquet toss is a staple at the typical wedding.

But if you’re looking for a way to make your wedding flowers a bit trendier, consider using bolder colors. You might also choose to go bolder by incorporating some wildflowers in your bouquet.

Another trendy option is to forego the flower toss at the reception. This will spare your single friends any embarrassment they might feel when fighting over a bouquet of flowers. Plus, it will save some time during the reception, which you can use for more dancing and mingling on your big day.

Kissing bride and groom in black tuxedo with wedding cake

Food and Cake

The way you handle the food at your wedding can be either traditional or trendy. If you’re a traditional person, you might want to stick to having assigned seating at tables, where guests are served the dinner by servers. Such a wedding reception might include the classic fine china, crystal glasses and white tablecloths. And it will all be topped off by the traditional multitiered wedding cake with an intricate design that matches the wedding theme.

But you don’t have to stick to these timeless staples. Instead, you can be a bit more modern and trendy by offering a buffet for your guests, so they can serve themselves. This type of setup means you don’t even need to have assigned seating at your reception if you don’t want to. And you might even opt to serve several hors d’oeuvres instead of a sit-down dinner.

Even your dessert can be different from usual if you’d like. For example, instead of a big cake, you can serve a few smaller cakes so guests can choose their favorite flavor. You can also opt for cupcakes, an ice cream sundae bar or a towering “cake” made of donut holes. It’s up to you!

Wedding recessional with bride and groom in a black tuxedo

Wedding Venue and Schedule

A traditional wedding might take place in a church, hotel or event center. It’s typically on a weekend—most often a Saturday—in the afternoon or evening. But you’re not limited to this type of venue or schedule if you’re willing to veer from the traditional path.

A traditional wedding might take place in a church, hotel or event center. It’s typically on a Saturday in the afternoon or evening. But you’re not limited to this type of venue or schedule if you’re willing to veer from the traditional path.

Trendy weddings might take place on a beach, in a museum, at a park, on a ship or just about anywhere else you might not expect to see a wedding. And they don’t all adhere to the typical schedule. For example, you might have your trendy wedding on a weekend morning, or on a weekday evening—and as a bonus, you’ll probably save money going this route! You can even make your trendy wedding last the whole weekend if you want, especially if you have lots of guests coming in from out of town.

As you can see, there are many ways to get your dream wedding, whether you’re into traditional or trendy events. And of course, you can combine a few of these timeless details with some trendy elements to get the wedding day you want. The choice is yours!

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