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Choosing Trendy or Traditional for Your Wedding

When it comes to wed­ding plan­ning, one of the deci­sions you have to make is whether you’re going to include some of the newest trends or stick with the tra­di­tion­al look and feel. Your deci­sion on this will affect every­thing from the wed­ding gown and music to the food and the cake—unless of course, you’re con­sid­er­ing com­bin­ing the two styles, which is eas­i­er than it sounds!

Before you decide which option is best, here’s a look at what ele­ments make up a tra­di­tion­al vs. trendy wed­ding. Once you know the details that reflect each style, you can deter­mine which one to choose or you can use some ele­ments of each.

Wedding Attire

Most peo­ple can spot a tra­di­tion­al wed­ding gown pret­ty fast. It tends to be long and white, with lots of ele­gant or frilly details, such as tulle or lace. Tra­di­tion­al brides­maids dress­es are also easy to point out since they all match each other—as well as the wedding’s over­all col­or scheme—and typ­i­cal­ly go past the knees. As for the grooms­men in a tra­di­tion­al wed­ding, their tux­es or suits all tend to match the groom’s attire in both col­or and style.

But if you’re not going for a tra­di­tion­al look, note that trendy wed­ding dress­es can vary in col­or, style and length. You might choose a white or off-white dress with a strip of col­or that match­es the brides­maid dress­es, or you might not choose a white dress at all. Trendy wed­ding dress­es come in all shades, and they can be any­thing from sim­ple and mod­ern to frilly enough to catch anyone’s eye.

And if you’re into wed­ding trends, you might ask the brides­maids to choose the style and length of dress­es that suit them, as long as it’s about the same col­or as the oth­ers. This allows brides­maids to be com­fort­able in a dress they feel flat­ters their shape.

Sim­i­lar­ly, you can let the grooms­men mix and match the col­ors or styles of their tux­es or suits so they stand out from the groom’s. Anoth­er option is to ask them each to pick a tie or bowtie in a dif­fer­ent col­or for a trendy twist on wed­ding attire. Here are some more tips on how to stand out from your grooms­men.

Groom and groomsmen goofing off in black tuxedos

Wedding Music

It used to be that the typ­i­cal wed­ding recep­tion fea­tured either a live band or a DJ to play music for every­one to dance to. And that’s still a com­mon route to take for tra­di­tion­al wed­dings if you want the music to be han­dled by a pro­fes­sion­al so you don’t have to wor­ry about it on your spe­cial day.

But if you’re try­ing to save mon­ey, you can try out the trend of ask­ing a friend to play the DJ for the night. All they have to do is con­trol the playlist that you can make ahead of time. As long as you, your friend or the venue can get the right equip­ment for this option—even if it’s just a lap­top and good speakers—you’ll have the music you want at your wed­ding with­out spend­ing much at all.

Bohemian bride and groom in blue suit with wedding party


There’s even a dif­fer­ence between tra­di­tion­al and trendy flow­ers. Tra­di­tion­al­ly, the bride walks down the aisle with a big bou­quet of white or pink flow­ers tied with a pret­ty rib­bon. And of course, at the recep­tion, the bride will toss her tra­di­tion­al flow­ers (gen­er­al­ly a sec­ond, small­er bou­quet) to one of her sin­gle friends, as the bou­quet toss is a sta­ple at the typ­i­cal wed­ding.

But if you’re look­ing for a way to make your wed­ding flow­ers a bit trendi­er, con­sid­er using bold­er col­ors. You might also choose to go bold­er by incor­po­rat­ing some wild­flow­ers in your bou­quet.

Anoth­er trendy option is to forego the flower toss at the recep­tion. This will spare your sin­gle friends any embar­rass­ment they might feel when fight­ing over a bou­quet of flow­ers. Plus, it will save some time dur­ing the recep­tion, which you can use for more danc­ing and min­gling on your big day.

Kissing bride and groom in black tuxedo with wedding cake

Food and Cake

The way you han­dle the food at your wed­ding can be either tra­di­tion­al or trendy. If you’re a tra­di­tion­al per­son, you might want to stick to hav­ing assigned seat­ing at tables, where guests are served the din­ner by servers. Such a wed­ding recep­tion might include the clas­sic fine chi­na, crys­tal glass­es and white table­cloths. And it will all be topped off by the tra­di­tion­al mul­ti­tiered wed­ding cake with an intri­cate design that match­es the wed­ding theme.

But you don’t have to stick to these time­less sta­ples. Instead, you can be a bit more mod­ern and trendy by offer­ing a buf­fet for your guests, so they can serve them­selves. This type of set­up means you don’t even need to have assigned seat­ing at your recep­tion if you don’t want to. And you might even opt to serve sev­er­al hors d’oeu­vres instead of a sit-down din­ner.

Even your dessert can be dif­fer­ent from usu­al if you’d like. For exam­ple, instead of a big cake, you can serve a few small­er cakes so guests can choose their favorite fla­vor. You can also opt for cup­cakes, an ice cream sun­dae bar or a tow­er­ing “cake” made of donut holes. It’s up to you!

Wedding recessional with bride and groom in a black tuxedo

Wedding Venue and Schedule

A tra­di­tion­al wed­ding might take place in a church, hotel or event cen­ter. It’s typ­i­cal­ly on a weekend—most often a Saturday—in the after­noon or evening. But you’re not lim­it­ed to this type of venue or sched­ule if you’re will­ing to veer from the tra­di­tion­al path.

A tra­di­tion­al wed­ding might take place in a church, hotel or event cen­ter. It’s typ­i­cal­ly on a Sat­ur­day in the after­noon or evening. But you’re not lim­it­ed to this type of venue or sched­ule if you’re will­ing to veer from the tra­di­tion­al path.

Trendy wed­dings might take place on a beach, in a muse­um, at a park, on a ship or just about any­where else you might not expect to see a wed­ding. And they don’t all adhere to the typ­i­cal sched­ule. For exam­ple, you might have your trendy wed­ding on a week­end morn­ing, or on a week­day evening—and as a bonus, you’ll prob­a­bly save mon­ey going this route! You can even make your trendy wed­ding last the whole week­end if you want, espe­cial­ly if you have lots of guests com­ing in from out of town.

As you can see, there are many ways to get your dream wed­ding, whether you’re into tra­di­tion­al or trendy events. And of course, you can com­bine a few of these time­less details with some trendy ele­ments to get the wed­ding day you want. The choice is yours!

With so many details that go into plan­ning a wed­ding, it’s easy to get over­whelmed. One thing you should not stress about is the groom’s attire. Gen­er­a­tion Tux makes dress­ing the groom and grooms­men eas­i­er than ever. See what we can do to make your union extra­or­di­nary.

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