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Unveiled: Jenny’s Wedding


Welcome to Generation Tux’s Unveiled! Here we interview real brides from real weddings to give you all the inside scoop. Jenny and Sam’s story will inspire some hardcore wanderlust. 

How did you and your husband meet?

We actually met in high school. I always saw Sam as that older guy who was a lot cooler than me. Somehow we became friends, and I just decided to call him one day. We talked for hours and hours and eventually started dating! Sam went off to college in Maryland while I was still in high school. We are both very independent people, so when it was my turn to choose a college, I decided to go to James Madison University in Virginia. Honestly, long-distance was a huge blessing for our relationship. We grew as individuals and made friends on our own. We visited each other about once a month. We had such a supportive relationship through the long distance. 

After college, we went on a month-and-a-half-long backpacking trip in Europe. We learned so much more about each other. On that trip, I realized that Sam was going to be my person forever. We dated for about nine years total. 

Tell us your engagement story!

Sam was planning on going on a solo backpacking tour through Iceland for two weeks. He asked me if I wanted to come and meet him during the second week of the trip. So, I flew out to meet him, and we explored Iceland together. Sam really wanted to hike up to a glacier pass, but I was very hesitant because I didn’t think we were prepared for the harsh weather/hiking conditions. However, Sam insisted that we go. Obviously, I know now that he had bigger plans than just sight-seeing! 

Once we got past all the tourists, we found ourselves alone…surrounded by jaw-dropping beauty. We ended up having a meaningful, heart-to-heart conversation (which is not unusual for us). Then, the next thing I know, Sam is down on his knee asking me to marry him! I was so happy, I basically skipped down the mountain.

bride and groom in blue suit in front of flower arbor

When and where did you get married?

We got married on June 7, 2019 in Somerset, Virginia. Our venue was The Market at Grelen. It was a dream!

Tell us about your wedding dress!

I found my dress at the very first shop we went to. A group of ladies came with me. I fell in love with the delicate lace and the shape of the dress. But I asked my seamstress to customize the dress to fit my vision. It was originally a cap-sleeve, v-neck dress. She transformed it into my dream dress with off-the-shoulder sleeves. I absolutely loved the end product. It was so unique, and I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to customize it.

Funny story…at the end of our first dance, Sam raised my arms up too high and my sleeve completely ripped off! My face went from shock to laughter in seconds. It was so funny! I think our photographer and videographer captured the moment. My Maid of Honor eventually helped me take off the other sleeve. 

What were your wedding colors?

My bridesmaids wore shades of nude, blush, and champagne. The girls’ dresses were all different styles and fabrics. So, those colors were more light and neutral, but we incorporated lots of bright colors with the flowers and other decor. I asked for vibrant and bold flowers to capture the essence of mine and Sam’s relationship. Mary Ellen from Steel Cut Flower Co. is the most amazing florist and human to ever grace the earth. I told her that I envisioned “boho secret garden with sexy summer florals,” and she brought that vision to life! We got married in a nursery, so everything was very lush and green. I wanted our flowers to complement our venue. 

bride and bridesmaids

Did the groomsmen behave themselves?

They are insane, but they are the best group of guys! One of Sam’s groomsmen ripped his pants right before the wedding! Another groomsman randomly had a sewing kit and was able to fix them. 

Also, Sam got all the guys matching Spongebob socks, so they were cracking jokes the whole day. The groomsmen were so great and supportive the entire time. We couldn’t have asked for a better group to be there on our special day. 

How involved was Sam in the wedding planning?

I originally considered an elopement, but Sam wanted to celebrate with all the people we love. I agreed, but I told him that I would need help. Sam was so incredibly helpful and decisive throughout the wedding planning process. He handled all the alcohol and worked with the band to determine the music selection. Sam also played a huge part in choosing our caterer and menu. 

groom in blue suit

What was your favorite part of the day? 

The whole day was amazing. However, my favorite part was exchanging our vows. Sam is a really good writer, so I knew that whatever he had written was going to be so good. He blew it out of the park. I was bawling like a baby! 

Our band was also spectacular. Sam doesn’t particularly like to dance, but I love to. He danced with me all night long! 

Where did you and Sam go on your honeymoon?

We went to Bali and Lombok for our honeymoon. Sam and I absolutely love to travel together. The flight was about 24 hours, so we decided to stay for three and a half weeks. We explored five different cities. The first week we were at a beautiful resort, relaxing and drinking cocktails on the beach. The rest of the honeymoon was more adventurous. The whole trip was amazing. 

bride and groom kissing during sendoff

What is some advice that you have for future brides?

Don’t over-Pinterest and overthink all the options for your wedding. At the end of the day, that is not what a wedding is about. Your guests are going to remember the feeling, not the flowers or invitations. If the couple getting married is in love, you can feel that. If everyone is having a great time, you can feel the energy. Don’t let the small details become the focus, because they are not important at the end of the day. Your marriage is the most important. 

While choosing the wedding vendors for your special day, make sure that you have a good connection with them. If you feel confident that the people are going to do an amazing job, you have nothing to worry about the day-of. Choose people that you trust completely and that you vibe with. Find vendors who can see your vision and understand your taste.

Would you recommend Generation Tux to other brides and grooms?

Heck yes! I would recommend Generation Tux to anyone. Your company is amazing! Some of our friends used Generation Tux for their wedding. They said the suits were amazing, the customer service was great, and they looked awesome in photos. We decided to look into it. We reached out to customer service, and they sent us some swatches. The team went above and beyond to make us happy. 

I was thrilled when I saw all the guys in their Mystic Blue Suits on our wedding day. I have nothing but amazing things to say about Generation Tux. 

groom and groomsmen in blue suits

Photographer: David & Sarah Lynn

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