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Jan, 14 2020

How Far In Advance Should I Rent My Tuxedo or Suit?

How Far In Advance Should I Rent My Tuxedo or Suit?

If you’re looking at a suit or tuxedo rental, chances are you have a fancy event on the horizon. From senior proms to weddings, tuxedos represent the pinnacle of formalwear, and you want to make sure you order your tux a few months before your event to make sure that everything goes smoothly. Typically, giving yourself at least two months before your event is desired, but you can order and receive your rental in as little as three weeks before your event.

If you are looking to rent a tuxedo for your wedding, make sure to take advantage of Generation Tux’s free Home Try-On program.

Free Home Try-On

With a Home Try-On, you get 48 hours with your tuxedo to try it on and make sure you like the fit and feel. This also allows you to suit up privately (or with your partner) rather than with a stranger in a store. After those two days, you can put those garments into a prepaid box (shipping is always on us!) and you’re all set.

Fourteen days before you say “I do,” your big-day formalwear will arrive at your door— and you’ll already know exactly what to expect.

Rental Timeline

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When Should I Plan My Tuxedo Rental?

It all really depends on your timeline. Ideally, you’d give yourself at least a couple of months in advance to take advantage of choosing your free color swatches, groom’s home try-on, and giving at least two weeks prior to your event in case need any adjustments.

At Generation Tux, we use an exclusive fit technology that uses simple measurements (height, weight, shoe size) to provide you with a stunning tuxedo that fits just right.

Returning Your Rental

After you finalize your order, your tuxedo will arrive on your doorstep a full 14 days before your event. Unlike in-store rentals, our online services offer free shipping, customer support, and flexible return. Generation Tux gives you three days to ship your tux back.

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What Color Suit/Tux Should I Choose?

These days, tuxedos come in every color imaginable. While you can find a tuxedo in every tone and shade, these are the four most common colors:


If you’re a traditionalist, then a classic black tux is right up your alley. Whether you go for a notch, peak, or shawl lapel, a black tuxedo always looks elegant and classy. If you have an upcoming black-tie event, a black tux is the perfect look. They also look great at an evening event, gala, quinceañera or anything fancy and festive.


A blue tuxedo is a true statement-maker. While you will turn heads when you enter a room in a blue tux, these stylish garments are always a sophisticated choice. Blue tuxedos tend to make accessories really pop and are just as comfortable at a daytime event as they are in the evening.


Grey tuxedos are a brilliant look for any season or occasion. Do you have an upcoming holiday party? Charcoal is a sure bet for winter affairs and evening events. Headed to a beachside wedding? Our light grey tuxedo is a great choice.


If you show up to your next event in a white dinner jacket, you can be sure that all eyes will be on you. White goes with everything, so white formalwear is a great option for a wedding since it blends in seamlessly with any palate and theme.

How Do I Check for The Right Fit?

At the end of the day, looking and feeling your best in your suit or tuxedo comes down to one thing: fit. You could have the finest suit or tuxedo, but if it is baggy, bunching, or bursting at the seams, you won’t look or feel as good as you should.

If you’re a groom, take advantage of our Free Home Try-On and received your suit/tuxedo well before your big day. You’ll get everything from your suit down to your accessories and shoes. Try everything on and get a full feel of how you’ll look on the big day.

This is the perfect time to take sample photos and make note of any adjustments you need to make your ensemble just right. If any adjustments are needed, our 5-star customer experience team will be with you every step of the way to make sure you get exactly what you need.

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Once You’re Sure, Mail It Back

When your trial period is over, simply mail everything back to Generation Tux (in a prepaid box) and if you’re happy, then your work is complete. Fourteen days before your Big Day, your finalized look will arrive right at your door.

Once your event is over, you have three full days to put your garments back into their pre-paid box and to send it out in the mail. No driving. No stress. No problem.

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