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What Color Shoes To Wear With a Navy Suit?

With a classic navy suit, there are plenty of ways to create the right ensemble. Unsure how to choose colors and match your shoes, belt, shirt, and tie in a way that compliments your navy suit? We’ve got you.


Best Shoe Color Choices For Navy Suits

The answer has more options than you might think.

Whether you’re heading to a fancy event or walking down the aisle yourself when you want to dress to impress, there’s nothing quite like a navy blue suit. It matches lots of colors, works in both a winter or summer setting, and always looks polished. 

At Generation Tux, we’re here to help you narrow those choices down with some of our favorite combinations.

Classic Brown or Black Shoes

Classic brown or black shoes are a natural choice for a classic navy suit and have been for many years. As a rule, navy suits look best with a lighter shade of brown, like tan.

Black Shoes With a Navy Suit?

Don’t listen to the people who say you can’t wear black with navy— it’s 2020, and plenty of style mavens break all sorts of fashion “rules” every day, from mixing patterns to wearing white after Labor Day. Black shoes look streamlined and elegant with navy formalwear.

In order to give your party— and photos— a streamlined look, it’s important for everybody to be uniform. That means sticking to one shoe color. You’ll have plenty of black and brown shoe choices to choose between. We like:

Black Dress Shoes

Sophisticated, understated, classic, and refined: a pair of black dress shoes will serve you well in your navy suit, as well as any other formalwear you rock throughout the year.

Brown Leather Dress Shoes

This look works as well at a wedding as it does in an office building. Brown leather dress shoes are versatile enough that they’ll work with other styles of menswear after your special event, as well. 

Oxblood Penny Loafers 

Oxblood is one of our favorite shoe colors for formalwear. We simply love the dramatic look it creates with a navy suit. In a penny loafer, it looks sophisticated, but not stuffy. 

Black Chelsea Boot

For a more rustic formal look, a black Chelsea boot makes a great partner to a navy suit. This combination works especially well for outdoor and cold-weather events. 

Light Grey Oxfords

This combination is especially great on spring or summer occasions. You can lighten a traditional navy suit with warm-weather hues. The already oceanic color palette lends itself to a relaxed, beachy, yet formal vibe. Many modern grooms have even ditched socks to complete this look. 

Wool Flannel Wingtips

This shoe works in either light or deep grey and lends itself well to pale pink accessories like socks, suspenders, or ties. We especially love this look on groomsmen.

Light Grey Oxford

Oxfords are a great choice in any color, and grey is no exception. If you’re planning to go the sockless route, oxfords are a great pick. 

White Shoes, Navy Suit

For a warm-weather event, white shoes pair beautifully with a navy suit. However, bear in mind that white shoes scuff and show damage easily. That being said, here are some great ways to wear them:

Groomsmen shoes with fun socks

Boat Shoes 

White boat shoes are a great statement accessory for a groom or best man. They are stylish, stand out in a crowd, and always look polished. Added bonus? They’re comfortable enough to dance the night away. 

Metallic or Primary Colored Shoes

Want your formalwear to really pop? Step outside of tradition and try for a bright or metallic colored shoe to match your navy suit:

Brogues with a Pop of Yellow 

Want a small pop of color, not an entire brightly-hued shoe? Look for a grey or blue shoe with a yellow sole. Your photographer will absolutely love this one.


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