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What Color Shoes to Wear With a Navy Suit?

With a clas­sic navy suit, there are plen­ty of ways to cre­ate the right ensem­ble. Unsure how to choose col­ors and match your shoes, belt, shirt, and tie in a way that com­pli­ments your navy suit? We’ve got you.

Won­der­ing,  “What Col­or Shoes with your Navy Suit?” 

The answer has more options than you might think.

Whether you’re head­ing to a fan­cy event or walk­ing down the aisle your­self, when you want to dress to impress, there’s noth­ing quite like a navy blue suit. It match­es a pletho­ra of col­ors, works in both a win­ter or sum­mer set­ting, and always looks pol­ished. 

At Gen­er­a­tion Tux, we live and breath men’s for­mal­wear— and that includes match­ing our sig­na­ture suits with the right acces­sories. We’re here to help you siphon those choic­es down with some of the com­bi­na­tions our mod­ern grooms have been rock­ing.

Best Shoe Color Choices That Go with a Navy Suit

Don’t ask, ‘what col­or shoes go with a navy blue suit?’ That sug­gests that there’s only one shade to choose from when, in real­i­ty, there are a lot! 

When you’re dress­ing to the nines, it’s impor­tant that your look is head-to-toe. No rat­ty shoes or clash­ing col­ors here, folks! It’s time to put your best foot for­ward. Though many col­ors of pat­terns will work with a navy suit, we’re going to walk you through our top picks. 

The Many Ways to Pair Brown or Black Shoes with Navy

Clas­sic brown or black shoes are a nat­ur­al choice for a clas­sic navy suit and have been for many years. As a rule, navy suits look best with a lighter shade of brown, like tan. And as for black? Don’t lis­ten to the peo­ple who say you can’t wear black with navy— it’s 2020, and plen­ty of style mavens break all sorts of fash­ion “rules” every day, from mix­ing pat­terns to wear­ing white after Labor Day. Black shoes look stream­lined and ele­gant with navy for­mal­wear.

If black or brown shoes will be walk­ing you down the aisle, you’re prob­a­bly out­fit­ting your grooms­men as well. In order to give your par­ty— and pho­tos— a stream­lined look, it’s impor­tant for every­body to be uni­form. That means stick­ing to one shoe col­or, so nobody is the odd man out! You’ll have plen­ty of black and brown shoe choic­es to choose between. We like:

Sophis­ti­cat­ed, under­stat­ed, clas­sic, and refined: a pair of black dress shoes will serve you well in your navy suit, as well as any oth­er for­mal­wear you rock through­out the year. They’re the per­fect all-rounder. 

  • Brown Leather Dress Shoes

This look works as well in a wed­ding as it does in an office build­ing. These boots are ver­sa­tile enough that they’ll work with oth­er styles of menswear after your spe­cial event, as well. 

  • Oxblood Pen­ny Loafers 

Oxblood is one of our favorite shoe col­ors for for­mal­wear. We sim­ply love the dra­mat­ic look it cre­ates with a navy suit. In a pen­ny loafer, it looks sophis­ti­cat­ed, but not stuffy. 

  • Black Chelsea Boot

For a more rus­tic for­mal look, a black chelsea boot makes a great part­ner to a navy suit. This com­bi­na­tion works espe­cial­ly well for out­door and cold-weath­er events. 

Pair­ing a Navy Suit with Grey Shoes

When it comes to navy, grey is a clas­sic com­bi­na­tion. Togeth­er, they cre­ate a crisp and pol­ished look that allows both col­ors to real­ly pop. A few ideas?

  • Light Grey Oxfords

This com­bi­na­tion is espe­cial­ly strik­ing with spring or sum­mer occa­sions, where the wear­er can light­en a tra­di­tion­al navy suit with warm-weath­er hues. The already ocean­ic col­or palette lends itself to a relaxed, beachy, yet for­mal vibe. Many mod­ern grooms have even ditched socks to com­plete this look. 

  • Wool Flan­nel Wingtips

This shoe works in either light or deep grey and lends itself well to pale pink acces­sories like socks, sus­penders, or ties. We love this look on grooms­men as well!

  • Light Grey Oxford

Oxfords are a great choice in any col­or, and grey is no excep­tion. If you’re plan­ning to go the sock­less route, oxfords are a great pick. 

White Shoes, Navy Suit: The Look

For a warm-weath­er event, white shoes pair beau­ti­ful­ly with a navy suit. How­ev­er, bear in mind that white shoes scuff and show dam­age eas­i­ly. That being said, here are some great ways to wear them:

  • A Styl­ish Sneak­er

Back in the day, it would have been blas­phe­mous to wear sneak­ers with suits, but as Bob Dylan pre­dict­ed, times were a’changing. Today, there are loads of ways to shine in for­mal­wear, and plen­ty of styl­ish men wear casu­al kicks with theirs. The key is to use a pris­tine white sneak­er.

  • Boat Shoes 

White boat shoes are a great state­ment acces­so­ry for a groom or best man. They are styl­ish, stand out in a crowd, and always look pol­ished. Added bonus? They’re com­fort­able enough to dance the night away. 

Rock­ing Metal­lic or Pri­ma­ry Col­ored Shoes

Want your for­mal­wear to real­ly pop? Step out­side of tra­di­tion and try for a bright or metal­lic col­ored shoe to match your navy suit:

  • Red Leather Sneak­ers

White isn’t the only option for a sneak­er. Red and navy are a clas­sic com­bi­na­tion, and the leather sneak­er is both fun and ele­gant. 

  • Brogues with a Pop of Yel­low 

Want a small pop of col­or, not an entire bright­ly-hued shoe? Look for a grey or blue shoe with a yel­low sole. Your pho­tog­ra­ph­er will absolute­ly love this one!

  • Sil­ver Ten­nis Shoe

For a glitzy shoe option, try a sil­ver ten­nis shoe. It will look fan­tas­tic with navy blue and will be a show­stop­per for a groom or best man. 

Best Tie Color with a Navy Suit

Shoes play a large role in your for­mal look, but it’s your tie that ends up in every sin­gle pho­to­graph! There are lit­er­al­ly count­less options for tie choic­es with for­mal­wear, and navy match­es a pletho­ra of col­ors.

Of course, the tie col­ors that you choose will prob­a­bly depend on oth­er aspects, like your wedding’s col­or scheme, or what the brides­maids’ dress­es look like. This is why we send our grooms a selec­tion of free swatch­es to help them match and plan their ensem­bles.

That being said, there isn’t just one “best tie col­or” to wear with navy for­mal­wear— there are end­less options! How­ev­er, we are espe­cial­ly fond of a few.

Emer­ald is such a spe­cial col­or. We love it with any type of for­mal­wear. It’s rich, lux­u­ri­ous, and instant­ly adds a taste of ele­gance to any look. Plus, we think it’s at its most mag­i­cal with a navy blue suit. We rec­om­mend wear­ing a skin­ny emer­ald tie, that navy suit, and match­ing it with brown shoes.

One new­er trend that’s caught our eye has been the mono­chrome look. For a navy blue suit, that means pick­ing a shirt in the exact same shade of blue and then fin­ish­ing that look with a black or white tie. 

Best Shirt and Tie Color with Navy Suit

Cre­at­ing a tie and shirt com­bi­na­tion is an impor­tant part of the for­mal­wear design process, and it’s the most fun! Whether you choose to go with a sol­id col­or or a pat­tern is up to you. There are so many options that there real­ly is a look for every man. We have two favorites these days. 

White Shirt, Two-Toned Tie

Pais­ley is one of our top pat­tern choic­es for ties, and we love match­ing it with navy blue suits. For this look, we advise a crisp white shirt, and an autum­nal shad­ed pais­ley tie— think orange and gold. The result is sul­try yet bright and cheery.

Grey Bowtie, Pink Shirt

For a light and sum­mer-ready look, a navy blue suit looks fan­tas­tic with pink and grey. We love to wear a pink shirt in the warmer months, and often pair it with a grey bowtie. A pat­tern can go well here, as well, but keep the col­ors basic. 

A World of Possibilities

Didn’t see your out­fit idea on here? No prob­lem. At Gen­er­a­tion Tux, we love to put cre­ativ­i­ty and imag­i­na­tion into for­mal­wear, and plen­ty of men have come up with fash­ion­able ideas that we hadn’t thought of yet. That’s why we cre­at­ed our ser­vice to be col­lab­o­ra­tive. Instead of one sales­per­son or tai­lor writ­ing the rules, any­one rent­ing with Gen­er­a­tion Tux can work on their own time and terms to cre­ate their own look. Browse and select from our 21 tux styles and hun­dreds of match­able acces­sories, and have plen­ty of time to make sure the for­mal­wear you put togeth­er is exact­ly what you want. This is the future of for­mal­wear, and we’re proud to pio­neer the move­ment. 

Ready to learn more? Take a look at our hand­some selec­tion of suits and tuxe­dos, which are avail­able for both rentals and to buy. Once you have your eye on your favorite piece of 100% meri­no wool for­mal­wear, you can take a browse our acces­sories. We have every­thing from socks and shoes to ties, vests, cum­mer­bunds, shirts, and every­thing else you need to look like a mil­lion bucks on a spe­cial day. Best of all, we’re entire­ly dig­i­tal! There’s no need to check if we have a loca­tion in your area, wait in lines, or bat­tle crowds at a store. We’re here to work on your terms—it’s what we do best! 

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