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Tuxedo and Suit Rentals in Atlanta

The best suit and tuxedo rental shop in Atlanta, isn’t a shop at all. Generation Tux delivers the most stylish suits and tuxes to your door 14 days before your event.

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Suit And Tuxedo Rental, Atlanta Style

Are you still searching for tuxedo and suit rental in Atlanta the old fashioned way? Welcome to 2019. With Generation Tux, you can rent your next suit or tux completely online. Worried that we will send you an outfit straight from the rack? Never. All of our pieces are sized to fit using our custom fit technology. Once you have decided on your look, we ship everything straight to your door 14 days before your event, no matter what Atlanta zip code you call home. Sound too good to be true? Well, we aren’t lying when we tell you that we have created a no fuss, easy way to rent your next suit or tux all from the comfort of your own home. Going to a physical store for tuxedo rental near Atlanta is so last year. Check out our website and start building your outfit today.

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The Perfect Suit and Tuxedo Rental in Atlanta

Looking for a suit rental near Atlanta can be rough. Forget the traffic, parking, and over-caffeinated sales people, once you actually reach your destination you get stuck searching for a suit in a cramped, humid showroom. Unless you’re into toture, there’s no reason to go through all that mess. You use your phone for everything from ordering chicken and waffles to waging Twitter wars, so why not order your next suit or tux the same way? Generation Tux gives you a fully customized rental experience all from your living room or office. Better yet, we take care of all measurements and fittings and make sure that you have your garment 14 days before your event. Not happy with your suit? No problem! Returns are free and we will make sure you get into the replacement of your dreams right away.

Hotlanta is known for its killer music, world-class food, and cutting edge fashion. We love nothing more than waking up on a Sunday morning and heading to Atlanta Breakfast Club for brunch or SkyLounge for a cocktail with friends. While we are known for our nightlife, hospitality, and gorgeous fall scenery, our charm has its limits. Have you ever tried to make it from Downtown to Little Five Points in rush hour traffic? Let’s just say we don’t recommend it. With Generation Tux, we take the stress out of suit and tuxedo rental near Atlanta and offer you a complete online rental experience anywhere at anytime.

With a GenTux account, it’s easy. Our fashion-forward fit technology lets you find your fit entirely online. It may be fun to sweat out those shrimp-n-grits in a humid fitting room, but I think there are probably better ways to detox. Our online platform offers over 20 different styles of 100% merino wool suits and tuxedos that come in slim and modern fits. With a range of colors, accessories, and sizes to choose from, there’s really no downside here.

Do you have a giant wedding party? Are your groomsmen better at beer pong than fashion? We get it. Generation Tux makes it easy to replicate your look for your friends, cutting out the drama of trying to chase down grown men for their measurements and neck size. Need more incentive to rent with us? With five paid rentals, the groom’s rental is on the house. How’s that for a wedding present?

Downtown Atlanta

Downtown Atlanta is our cultural hub. You never know who you will run into when you walk down the street, from Housewives to mega music stars, we truly have it all. After you’ve had your fill of people watching and cheesey carbs at Amalfi, check out our online rental services and start mulling through over 20 styles of 100% Merino wool suits and tuxedos. Looking for a magenta suit? We don’t judge. More than that, we have 100 colors for you to choose from. No need to trek to one of the suit rentals near Atlanta; we will deliver your suit or tux to your door a full 14 days before your event.

West Midtown

If you live in this hip little neighborhood, chances are you were drawn in by the areas famous blues and booze. With so much to do and see and hear, why are you wasting your precious time driving around town in your search for the perfect tuxedo rental in Atlanta. Generation Tux, you can rent your next tuxedo from the comfort of your couch or the low lights of Northside Tavern. We make suit and tuxedo rental a low-stress, easy experience so that you can leave your sad stories for the microphone.


No, not that Pittsburgh. With its gorgeous botanical gardens and world-famous Fox Theater, Pittsburgh makes it hard to leave, so don’t. Spend your weekends looking at lillies and taking in the ballet, not trying to keep your cool as you navigate crowded suit rentals near Atlanta. Generation Tux cuts the dressing rooms, crowded tailor shops, and grouchy staff out of the suit rental occasion. Check us out and let us change the way you view suit rental for life.

No matter what neighborhood you live in, we deliver straight to your doorstep

Atlanta Tuxedo and Suit Rental Services We Offer

Thinking of going with a brick-and-mortar suit or tuxedo rental for your big day? Hope you’re ready for the stress of picking up your outfit the day before your big day and then running back to the store the day after to drop it off. At Generation Tux we figure that you have better things to do than to spend your last minutes of bachelorhood standing in-line to pick-up your off-the-rack suit or tuxedo. With our fully online rental experience, you get to pick your look, get fitted online, and you receive your finished suit or tuxedo on your doorstep a full 14 days before your event. Partied too hard at the after party? No problem. We give you 3-days to drop your suit in the mail, we even provide the box and cover the shipping.

So sit back, relax, and pick our your wedding-day looks all from the comfort of your own home.

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Fitting as Easy as 1‑2‑3

Sick of handsy tailors pinching you in all the wrong places as they try to fit your suit or tuxedo. Us too. With Generation Tux, we use an exclusive fit technology to ensure that your suit or tux is fit perfectly to your body and style. Worried about finding a style that fits your whole wedding party from ring bearer to best man? Don’t sweat it. We have suits and tuxedos in sizes from 3T to big-and-tall, allowing us to ensure that everyone will look their best on the big day. Better yet, our suits and tuxedos are made from 100% Merino Wool, so you won’t just look the part, you will feel fabulous doing it.

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Completing the Look

Do you love a classic black or blue suit? More into bold colors and patterns? At Generation Tux we have hundreds of colors to customize your suit or tuxedo, we will even send color swatches to your door so you can mix and match to create the perfect look. Better yet, we have all of the pocket squares, cufflinks, and lapel pins you will need to finalize your look, so what are you waiting for?

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The Way of the Future

Going into a physical suit and tuxedo rental in Atlanta is a thing of the past. If you ask us, it’s ridiculous to expect you to rush to the store the day before your event and then rush back the next day just to return it. With our online rental service, we give you time to breathe. You’ll receive your garment a full 14 days before your event and you have three days to return it after your event. Trust us, that extra wiggle room makes a huge difference when you’re juggling everything at once.

Your Home is Your Runway

If you’re the groom, you get the added bonus of our free Home Try-On program. That’s right, if you’re the groom than you have a full 48 hours to test drive your suit or tuxedo. Ask your partner, your mom, your closest Instagram followers for their opinion and make sure your suit or tuxedo fulfills all of your wedding dreams. With free returns and replacements, it’s never been easier to get into to look of your dreams.

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Formalwear Rentals in Atlanta from Generation Tux

Event planning should be fun, but sometimes the little details, like which suit rental will make your life less miserable, can make it rough. Don’t ruin your big day with needless stress and anxiety. Generation Tux was founded out of the desire to streamline the suit and tuxedo rental process. We get that your time is precious and your schedule is packed. That’s why we create a rental experience where you set the rules, we work on your schedule. Worried that an online platform could never deliver the quality of a brick-and-mortar store? Our suits and tuxedos are all made from 100% Merino wool, ensuring that they feel as good as they look.

Atlanta is known for it’s fashion-forward residents and its take-no-prisoners attitude. Your wedding or event look should reflect that killer attitude. Our suits and tuxedos are customized to fit your style and taste, and with our at Home Try-On program, groom’s get to test out their new look for 48-hours, risk free.

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Tuxedo rental in Atlanta just got easy.

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