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Suit and Tuxedo Rental in LA

The best tuxedo rental in LA is so convenient, you won’t need to drive, look for parking, or pay for a valet. That’s because the best tuxedo rental in LA isn’t in a storefront at all. It’s online.

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Convenient Formalwear Rentals Near LA

Alas, we can’t be in shorts and flip flops every day. When the occasion calls for something dressier, you don’t need to spend hours in traffic in pursuit of your tuxedo rental LA, we got you. With Generation Tux, you can create your own look with a few clicks of a button— and have it delivered right to your door 14 days before your formal event. Whether your duds are for a movie premiere or an oceanside wedding, Generation Tux is your answer for that perfect suit rental— LA traffic-free.

Tuxedo Rental, Los Angeles Style

We Angelinos are proud of our high standards and impeccable eye for detail. Here in LA, we start trends, we don’t follow them. From MedMen to In-N-Out, we specialize in convenience that doesn’t compromise quality, so why should your next tuxedo rental be any different?

LA, when it’s time to swap your post-pilot season sweatpants for something more formal, it’s safe to assume that there’s a SoCal answer for that too. Today, tuxedo rental in LA is easier than ever before. The days of waiting months for an appointment with your friend’s dad’s agent’s tailor, sitting in traffic on the 405, and spending your weekends in Beverly Center dressing rooms are long gone.

Our Rental Process

With Generation Tux, take the stress out of the search for quality formalwear. Whether you’re searching for suit and tuxedo rentals near Los Angeles or trekking to DTLA— it’s time your formalwear is going to come to you, not the other way around.

Generation Tux makes things simple. Once you’ve created your event, you can browse our collection of 100% merino wool suits and tuxedos before working with our innovative fit technology to make sure your outfit fits right. Once you’ve chosen a favorite, it’s time to create the perfect look by mixing and matching with hundreds of stylish accessories. Click submit and your fresh look will be at your door 14 days before your event.

At Generation Tux, our goal is to make the SoCal groom’s life a whole lot easier and that is why we deliver our formalwear 14 days before your big event. We also offer groomsmen management services— with Generation Tux you can easily replicate your wedding look for your whole crew. Best of all, if you order five groomsmen ensembles with us, YOUR wedding look is completely free! This is the home of Hollywood— you deserve the celebrity treatment.

It’s time for your most iconic look to come to you, no matter where you are in LA:

Downtown LA

Hey, city slicker. DTLA is busy, crowded, and full of life— that’s why we love it. Every day here is different, and there’s always something new to explore. With so much to do and see, it’s no wonder that DTLA residents prefer to take care of their errands the modern way: online. Even major to-dos, like finding the perfect formal duds for a big event, are way better when you can check them off of your list from the comfort of your couch or in line for brunch. Generation Tux removes the time and stress stress from finding a good tuxedo rental in LA.

Santa Monica/Venice Beach

If you’re swapping the boardwalk for the wedding aisle, Generation Tux is here to help every step of the way. With our innovative technology, you’ll have all the tools you need to create your full formalwear look, from getting the right fit to accessorizing to delivery.

West Hollywood

Something tells us that your wedding is going to be the event of the season. The WeHo groom is fashion-forward, and finding the right suit and tuxedo rental near LA is crucial for executing your fashion vision. With Generation Tux, you create your wedding ensemble, get your groomsmen outfitted (we’ll chase them down for their measurements, etc.) and 14 days before your big day, the suits are delivered to everyone’s door. Plus, as the man of the hour, you get an exclusive 48-hour Home Try-On* test run— and a free rental with five paid party members which can include groomsmen, ring bearers, and even guests.

Silver Lake

You’re still thinking about your cousins’ Griffith Park Observatory wedding— how did they pull such off a picture-perfect event without breaking a sweat? Their secret (and soon-to-be yours) was skipping the stress of in-store fittings, sales tactics, and last-minute alterations and pickups. Savvy grooms choose to manage their looks online with Generation Tux— receiving their suits and tuxedos fourteen days before the big day, not the morning before.


If you’ve given up on trying to find parking by your K-Town tailor, it’s time to give online formal wear rental a try. After all, you’ve been ordering your Sunday night kkori gomtang as delivery for years— it’s time for your garments to join the club.

Tuxedo and Suit Rental Near LA: Services We Offer

No Need to Sit In Traffic— We Bring Your Formalwear to You

Los Angeles is a modern city filled with trends, media, and cultures from around the world. Our residents are as comfortable catching waves as they are rubbing shoulders with celebrities at their local gym, attending a vegan cheese festival, or utilizing the latest technology to create a showstopping wedding look from the comfort of their own bedroom.

Guess what: this isn’t Old Hollywood. It’s better! Generation Tux suit and tuxedo rentals are the solution to your search for stylish, quality formalwear that won’t take away valuable audition time.

Choose Your Color

If you’re choosing suits for you and your boys to rock on your wedding day, there’s probably a theme you’d like your look to follow. Browse our selection of swatches, and you’ll be able to match your accessories to your invitations, bridesmaid dresses, floral arrangements: whatever you (or your partner) think is best.

Get the Right Fit!

With our innovative online fit-right technology, finding your fit is as simple as answering a few questions. Once the technical bit is over, you get to have fun. Browse our hundreds of stylish accessories and match them to your favorite of our merino wool suits and tuxedos. Once you’ve landed on your look, a few clicks will let you reproduce that same ensemble for your groomsmen. We have children's sizes as well (all the way to 3T,) so your little guy can rock your big day too.

The Future of Formalwear

We believe that pretty soon, brick and mortar formalwear shops will be as obsolete as floppy discs and tamagotchis. Online formalwear rental just makes more sense; it provides more flexibility, greater options and looks, and removes stress from an already busy time.

Traditionally, tuxedo rental near LA involved a lot of work for the man wearing the suit. Rentals involved multiple trips to the tailor, limited sizes and styles, and the dreaded 24-hour turnaround to pick-up your tux and make sure it all works. Generation Tux requires no travel and gets your wedding look to you fourteen days before the actual event.

A Personalized Experience in Your Own Home

Once you’ve landed on your perfect ensemble, we’ll send it right to your door so that you can try it out on your own time. If said event is your own wedding, then you’ll also get a 48-hour Home Try-On session to make sure that you’re 100% thrilled with your look. (This is also a great chance to show your look off to your partner first, not a random salesperson.)

Stylish Suit and Tuxedo Rental in Los Angeles from Generation Tux

With Generation Tux, you can put one of your biggest wedding responsibilities in the right hands. We free up your time so that you can focus on polishing your vows and enjoying your Vegas bachelor party without wondering what’s going on with your suit back in Glendale.

We created Generation Tux to help the modern groom enjoy wedding planning without the pressure that comes with old school rentals. With us, you can plan your special look whenever and wherever you want— whether that’s at home, on set, or poolside.

If you’re ready to create your unforgettable wedding day look without the headache of the search for a formalwear store, we’re here to help! Start browsing today, and soon enough, you’ll be feeling like a million bucks in your wedding day tux.

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Tuxedo rental in LA just got easy.

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