Fitted Tuxedo Rentals

Getting measured for a tuxedo rental has never been easier. It will only take a few minutes and you're good to go.

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Our Great Fit

Below are a few more ways to be assured your fit is correct.

Concierge Services

We have a team of highly trained, technically savvy stylists on call, so everyone is in really good hands. If you encounter any fit issues once you receive your goods, contact them with a picture of yourself in our garment so they can see the issue and send a replacement to you in plenty of time for your event.

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Early Delivery for Try On

We send your garments early so you can try them on and make sure everything fits. If something isn't quite right, contact our Customer Concierge team immediately so they can resolve the issue.

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Complimentary Tailoring Services

In the event you need a minor adjustment to a coat sleeve or pant length, simply contact a Customer Concierge. They can either send you a replacement garment with an adjusted length, or they will refund you up to $20 to have it done locally by a tailor.

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Measurement Mapping Algorithm

Our proprietary Measurement Mapping Algorithm matches your measurements to the appropriate garment for the best fit.

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Fit Flexible

When it comes to fit, a little flexibility is reassuring. We've built our garments with this in mind. All of our pants have a hidden elastic in the waistband providing up to 1 inch of forgiveness. And our shirt necks include an elastic tab at the collar that provides up to a 1/2 inch of forgiveness. These features provide a little extra assurance that everything will fit great on your big day, even if you lose or gain a few pounds.