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Cummerbund or Vest: Which is Best for a Wedding?

Know­ing is half the bat­tle. As you get clos­er to pick­ing your wed­ding day look, it’s time to decide between a cum­mer­bund or vest. The choice is yours— what’ll it be?

The big day is get­ting clos­er, and you’ve almost nailed down your wed­ding look. After you have select­ed your tuxe­do, the next step is decid­ing between a cum­mer­bund or a vest. While each gar­ment is great in its own right, know­ing the best times to wear each can some­times be a lit­tle tricky. No need to stress. We’ve got you cov­ered. With years of expe­ri­ence and hun­dreds of wed­dings under our belts, we are wed­ding attire pros. When it comes to the intri­ca­cies of tuxe­do vest vs cum­mer­bund, we have all of the infor­ma­tion you need to help you make the right deci­sion. 

Cummerbund vs Vest: Deciphering Two Iconic Wedding Looks

Look. We’re not going to tell you whether to wear a cum­mer­bund or vest. It’s your big day and that choice should live with you. The choice between these two acces­sories is a tough one since they are both great options and both cre­ate a debonair wed­ding-day look and feel. While we can’t tell you which one to choose, we CAN tell you that you have to pick one; that is, if you will be wear­ing a tuxe­do.  After all, it’s your wed­ding day, and you deserve all the bells and whis­tles. 

Let’s break down the dif­fer­ences of cum­mer­bund vs vest.


Vest fans often cite ver­sa­til­i­ty as a major sell­ing point. We can’t debate that; despite the name “tuxe­do vest,” this is a gar­ment that can be worn with a tuxe­do or a suit. A three-piece suit looks fan­tas­tic with a vest— that’s some­thing a cum­mer­bund shouldn’t be worn with. Vests also tend to work bet­ter with long ties than cum­mer­bunds do. 

groom and groomsmen in black tuxedos

Vests are a great way to bring some per­son­al­i­ty to a suit or tuxe­do. Lots of men choose to pair their suit with a vest that is a dif­fer­ent col­or or shade than the rest of their suit or tuxe­do, cre­at­ing an eye-catch­ing, bold look. There are so many options for giv­ing your suit an upgrade, and vests are a great way to start that process. 

Your body type is anoth­er decid­ing fac­tor when it comes to choos­ing between a cum­mer­bund or vest. Larg­er men tend to find a vest more flat­ter­ing than a cum­mer­bund, but this is far from a hard and fast rule.  


One of our favorite things about cum­mer­bunds is that they look sim­ply dash­ing when paired with a nice bowtie. This clas­sic, ele­gant pair­ing will give you an air of sophis­ti­ca­tion that will real­ly enhance your wed­ding day. While you do have the option of wear­ing a long tie with a cum­mer­bund, a bowtie will always be our top pick for a tuxe­do.

PSA:  if you’re wear­ing a cum­mer­bund, the pleats go up. It may seem strange, but that’s how these gar­ments were tra­di­tion­al­ly worn, as they were orig­i­nal­ly designed to catch crumbs dur­ing meal­time. If you’re feel­ing ultra-classy, you can use your styl­ish cum­mer­bund to store your opera or gala auc­tion tick­ets. That’s styl­ish AND prac­ti­cal — you can’t go wrong. 

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