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Jun, 7 2018

How Do I Add a Look and Members?

How Do I Add a Look and Members?

So you have an event and now you’re ready to start selecting your look(s) for you and your groomsmen.

After you’ve created your event. Adding a look is the next step! Before you can do that, you will need to be sure you are on the ‘Look’ tab. Click the ‘Add Look’ button, this will take you to a new screen that will allow you to create a look. You will see ‘001’ with an edit button, be sure to label your look there. It will ask you for your role when creating a new look, you can click ‘More Options’ if you aren’t the bride or groom.

Add the Look

Now you will see the visualizer. Here, you can play with customizing your look;

  • Suit or Tuxedo: you can filter by category: Suit or Tux or color.
  • Shirts: you can filter the shirts by category, pattern, and color. Keep in mind, pleated and wingtip shirts are more tuxedo specific. You can click on the details of the shirt to get more information and stylist notes.
  • Tie style: bow-tie or long tie. You can filter the ties by category, pattern, and color.
  • Vest and cummerbund: you can filter by the style, pattern, and color. Additionally, all of our suits and tuxedos have the matching vest; match the name of the suit to the vest. The builder auto selects this for you. If you want to change it you can.
  • Shoes: you can filter these by pattern and color. There are three shoe options.
  • Pocket square: you can filter by pattern and color. Pocket squares really add a finishing touch to your look. Pocket squares are purchase items, if you select this item you get to keep it at the end of the rental.
  • Socks: when you rent shoes with us, we add a complimentary pair of black or tan. You will see that is a $0 balance on the builder. If you wish you wish to customize your socks further you can filter by pattern and color.
  • Belt/Suspender: you can filter by category and pattern. Suits will have belt loops, tuxedos do not have belt loops.
  • Lapel Pin: you can filter by category, pattern, and color. Lapel pins are purchase items, if you select this item you get to keep it at the end of the rental.
  • Cufflink: you can filter by pattern and color. Some styles are complimentary with your rental.
  • Tie Bars: if you have selected a long tie and wish to add a bit of flair, you can filter by pattern and color. Tie bars are purchase items, if you select this item you get to keep it at the end of the rental.

After you’ve made your selection for the look, save it. It will ask if you are wearing the look, be sure if the look is not for you, to select ‘No.’

Add the Members

You will land back on the builder and browse section, here is where you will add members to the look you’ve created. You will select ‘Add Member’ it will ask you for:

  • Email
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Phone number
  • And, which look you want to assign them (i.e. if they are groomsmen, you will select groomsmen).

You can create as many looks as you need until your party is complete.

Order Status

The third tab on the event page is ‘Order.’ Here you can see ALL of your members and the ‘Event Status.’

  • Member name and email. If they have been invited(they’ve received the email notification to join the party).
  • Fit: this allows the owner to see if their member has logged in and completed their fit profile.
  • Address: this shows you if the member has completed inputting their shipping address. You will want each member to input their shipping address so it ships directly to them about 14 days before the event.
  • Paid: this shows the owner of the member has paid. If they have, their order is complete if they have completed the above steps.
  • Shipping notification: this shows the owner of the garments have been sent out to the member (depending on location, garments will ship at different times based on availability and destination.)

Additionally, under the ‘Order’ tab, you can see the Event Status. If you need to resend an invite you can do that here. And just like that, you have successfully added a look and members!

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