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May, 16 2019

How to Rock a Beard for Your Wedding

How to Rock a Beard for Your Wedding

Or, Grooming the Groom, if you will.

With how many men are out there with a beard as part of their signature look, you’d think that all men were just born knowing how to take care of that beautiful mass of hair. But that’s not always the case. Keep in mind, however, the art of having a beard is a long process, so make sure you start preparations months before tackling the aisle.

Oh, and if anyone is trying to tell you that a beard isn’t right for your wedding, they’re wrong. Plain and simple. As long as you’re keeping up with it, it’ll look great. It will look better than great. Besides, if you’ve had a beard for awhile, and then shave it, you could end up looking baby-faced. Either that or you’ll have a beard tan. And both of those options are ten times worse than just rocking that god given gift on your face.

If you’re planning on pulling off a gorgeous beard for your wedding, here are some easy steps to make sure you and your beard are looking your best.

Grow your beard

An obvious first step, I know, but having an ideal length in mind before you start hacking away at your hard work is important. If you have given yourself enough time, this is also a good way to test multiple looks. Monitor your progress and keep a record. That way you know how you look at each stage and how you want your beard to look for your wedding.

Regularly trim your beard

If you are well-versed in the art of beard trimming, then you’re already ahead of the curve. It’s easy enough to pick up your razor and make sure you don’t have any extra stubble popping up, but if you want to tackle a bigger job, you may want to watch some videos on YouTube first. We recommend having a professional take care of at least the trim closest to your wedding day, though.

Keep in mind, too, that it doesn’t have to be some master barber if you don’t want to spend too much money. Try out your local Sports Clips, or what have you, a time or two and if you trust them, then by all means, go that route. As long as you are taking care of your beard, then it doesn’t really matter who trims it.

Wash your beard

Did you know there’s shampoos made especially for your beard? Well, now you do, so there’s no excuse not to use it. Not only does it wash your hair and help reduce itchiness, beard shampoo is also better to use than regular shampoos that strip away oils in your skin.

Invest in some nice beard balm and/or oil

We cannot emphasize the importance of beard conditioning enough. Beard balms or oils are essential not just to a beard that looks good, but for a beard that feels good. Beard oil hydrates and conditions your beard and the skin beneath. Beard balm moisturizes, conditions, and softens. Both help to promote healthy beard growth. And if you’re going full beard, go on and get yourself a beard comb, too.

Even if you don’t care how soft your beard is (which you should), your bride (and everyone you’ve ever stabbed with your Brillo pad face) will once she realizes there’s another way. And soon you’ll be all aboard the Great Beard Express. It only takes a few weeks, if that, to start noticing a difference, but it’s a great habit to keep up, so start earlier than that. Like as soon as you have a beard.

Embrace your face

You’re automatically cooler just by having those extra hairs on your head, but if you’re worried about it, what your bride or grandma might say, well, then just get over it. You’re awesome. Your bride’s opinion might matter some, but grandma can take a back seat. If your bride just can’t get over it, then show her you know how to rock it. Show her how powerful and sexy a well-groomed beard can be. You’re calm, cool, and collected. You have a beard. And you’re ready.

If you haven’t really taken care of your beard before now, shame on you. Now you have no excuse not to. And no excuse not to shout the importance of beard maintenance from the rooftops. Tell your friends. Tell your dad. Tell your bride; she’ll keep you honest. Tell anyone doesn’t already know exactly how to make an awesome beard even more awesome.

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