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Apr, 12 2019

Ideas for Something Old, New, Borrowed & Blue

Ideas for Something Old, New, Borrowed & Blue

Wedding ceremonies have been around since the dawn of time and with such a long-standing tradition comes dozens of good luck charms and omens passed down through the generations. The Victorian rhyme “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, a sixpence in your shoe” is still around today to bring luck to the bride.

Stuck on what you want to include in your wedding for this age-old tradition? We’ve compiled a list of some great items that fit into each category.

Something Old

The something old traditionally represents the bride’s family and the past. It’s a great way for a bride today to pay homage to where she came from. Anything that predates the relationship could be used, but here are just a few ideas:

  • A vintage car is a perfect getaway after your send-off. You might even get in some adorable photos.
  • A piece of jewelry or locket that you’ve had since you were young or that you inherited from a relative.
  • A favorite book or family bible that is read from during your ceremony.
  • A family heirloom or other vintage item. There’s a lot of room here to get creative, so ask around your older relatives or go antiquing. You never know what you might find.

Something New

Odds are you’re going to have a lot of new things for your wedding. There’s a good chance you haven’t had that dress hanging out in your closet for years. But here are some ideas for things specifically dedicated to be your something new:

  • Perfume is a great item to splurge on when getting ready for your wedding day. It’ll be new and a great reminder of your wedding, since memories are often tied to scents.
  • If you’re taking your groom’s name, have your new initials engraved on something or get them stitched into your dress.
  • Lingerie is something you don’t often buy for yourself, but your wedding is a great excuse to upgrade your undies.
  • Something you’ve been recently gifted, like from your groom or a family member, is a great “something new” that you’ll cherish far into the future.

Something Borrowed

Your something borrowed is easily the most sentimental item of the four. It is something lent from one bride to another to represent happiness.

  • Veils traditionally have been a great thing to borrow. Not only do you save some money on your wedding ensemble, but it’s also a great tie to the friend or family member you’re borrowing from. And with two different dresses, your looks won’t be identical.
  • Jewelry, like grandma’s pearls or your mother’s wedding earrings, is a great way to incorporate a loved one into your ensemble.
  • Something else borrowed from an older generation. Like your mother’s cake-cutting knife, or your grandma’s china.
  • A song or passage that you loved from a friend or family member’s wedding could be a sweet tribute as well, but you may want to clear it with them first.

Something Blue

The color blue is meant to symbolize fidelity, purity, and love. While the origins are romantic, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun with your “something blue.”

  • A handkerchief, because we all know that tears will happen, with a blue embroidered note from your mom, groom, etc. is both sweet and practical.
  • Shoes as a pop of color is an exciting way to incorporate something blue.
  • Sapphire jewelry is both gorgeous and, well, blue. Even better if it’s borrowed. Two birds, one beautiful blue stone.
  • A blue garter is a classic, but still a fun way to use blue. Plus, you’ll get the chance to show it off with the garter toss.

Silver Sixpence in Your Shoe

The sixpence symbolizes good fortune, and while many brides leave this out, some still like to include it.

  • Glued or taped to the bottom of your shoe is a great way to stick to tradition.
  • It could also be made into a charm to be worn on your wedding day or just to keep with you in the future.
  • Or made into a piece of jewelry, like a necklace or a bracelet, for you to enjoy for many years.
  • A simple coin gifted from a well-wisher is simple and sweet.

Whatever you choose for your something old, new, borrowed and blue, this is your time to shine. You can be as creative or as traditional as you see fit. Plus, you have great options to double down and use one item for two or more of the categories.

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