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What to Wear to Your Rehearsal Dinner

Your rehearsal din­ner is the night when it will all final­ly feel real. The wed­ding you have been plan­ning for months is final­ly about to hap­pen and now it’s time to put the fin­ish­ing touch­es on the day so that it can all be pic­ture per­fect.

The rehearsal din­ner will be a mem­o­rable one and it will be a very spe­cial event for the wedding’s most impor­tant guests (your­self includ­ed). That’s why it’s impor­tant that you wear appro­pri­ate attire. Just as the bride won’t be in her wed­ding gown, the groom will not be wear­ing his wed­ding tux, but that should­n’t mean you show up in shorts and a t‑shirt. This isn’t the real shindig, but it’s still a pho­to op and a nice time with your bride and close friends and fam­i­ly.


First and fore­most, you’ll need to con­sid­er your look from head to toe. As the groom, you want to feel com­fort­able but you also need to stand out and look the part. First of all, you need to fig­ure out the tone of the event. What kind of place are your going for din­ner and what is the bride wear­ing?

This is real­ly your chance to shine and be unique, which means you should avoid the clas­sic black tuxe­do and go for some­thing more per­son­al­ized. Depend­ing on the for­mal­i­ty of the rehearsal din­ner, you can either dress your suit up or down to match the occa­sion. It is accept­able to skip the tie and be more casu­al for your rehearsal din­ner, but the pri­ma­ry thing is coor­di­nat­ing with your bride to ensure nei­ther of you is over- or under-dressed.

Just think about it real­is­ti­cal­ly and you should be fine. For exam­ple, if din­ner is hap­pen­ing in the par­ty room of your favorite bar or brew­ery, odds are you don’t have to dress to the nines. Slacks and a nice shirt will prob­a­bly cut it. How­ev­er, if you’re try­ing out that chic new place down­town, then you should dress accord­ing­ly. Suit and jack­et, for sure, and you may want to throw in a tie for an extra boost.

Groom and groomsmen wearing blue suits at industrial wedding


As we men­tioned above, def­i­nite­ly don’t go for too casual—t‑shirts are off-lim­its (yes, even if you’re hav­ing a back­yard bar­be­cue rehearsal din­ner). This is still an impor­tant night and you are your bride deserve to look great. The most casu­al you can prob­a­bly get away with is prob­a­bly nice pants and a Polo.

Anoth­er impor­tant thing to avoid is feel­ing pres­sured to pur­chase your suit. Wear­ing some­thing you already have to your rehearsal is per­fect­ly accept­able. Or, if you’re lack­ing in the style depart­ment, rent­ing is still an option to mix things up a bit. Just don’t go with any­thing too sim­i­lar or nicer than your wed­ding suit or tuxe­do.

Anoth­er impor­tant tip that you should take to heart when select­ing your suit for your rehearsal din­ner is to avoid crazy col­or schemes. Keep things sim­ple and classy. Con­sid­er what the bride is wear­ing and con­sid­er the set­ting for the din­ner when choos­ing your attire. You want to stand out, but not in the wrong way.

Bride and Groom in blue suit sharing first dance

If you rent

There is no rea­son to buy a suit for your rehearsal din­ner. In fact, it is wide­ly advised against. Since this suit will only be used for the rehearsal din­ner and because you need to coor­di­nate with what­ev­er your bride choos­es to wear, rent­ing from some­where like Gen­er­a­tion Tux is the smart choice.

We have more than 20 styles of suits and tuxe­dos to ensure that you can find the per­fect option for your rehearsal din­ner. We also offer thou­sands of acces­sories and col­or options to make sure that you match your bride while being able to stand out from the crowd.

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