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Why Classic Black for Your Groom

As the groom, all eyes are on you and your future spouse. And on your wedding day, you want to look impeccably stylish and show a little swag. While you might not be sure what to wear or how to dress your groomsmen, this simple guide can help you with ordering your suit or tux. And, you’ll be picture-perfect on your big day.

Black is a perfect option to wear on your big day. It’s the ultimate dapper look. James Bond would be proud. If you’re afraid of looking like you’re going to a funeral or like you’re getting married last century, then please, stop now. That’s just ridiculous. Black is back, baby.

Here are a few tips to help you look stylish for your wedding day and have your groomsmen looking their best:


Black is traditional for weddings because it’s classic and formal. It’s easy to match up with most color palettes. Black also goes well with everything. You can take the fuss out of planning. It’s timeless, versatile, all-season and simple to accessorize with other color schemes and patterns. Pray tell, can you think of a look that’s better than a black tuxedo?

Groom looking into mirror, adjusting bowtie in Black Notch Lapel Tuxedo.


Are you unsure of whether to wear a suit or a tuxedo? When you think suit, you likely envision someone going to work. If you think tuxedo, you might be reminded of Tom Cruise or Daniel Craig in a spy movie. There’s no denying it. A black suit or tux is undeniably sharp. And, you will look your best.


  • You can wear a tie or bow-tie.
  • You can wear lace-ups or loafers.
  • Accessorize how you see fit: pocket square, cufflinks, or tie bar.
  • Suits are for weddings and date night.


  • A tuxedo may have satin lapels, satin buttons, and a satin stripe down the pant leg.
  • A tuxedo’s accessories include a cummerbund, suspenders, a bow-tie, or vest.
  • Shoes with a tuxedo are traditionally black patent leather.
  • Tuxedos are for formal occasions like the opera, a charity ball or a black-tie wedding.
  • With a tuxedo, you can also mix and match (lapel styles) tuxedos and suits in your wedding party.
  • And, you can dress more formal than your groomsmen.
groom and groomsmen in Black Notch Lapel Tuxedo.


Groomsmen will generally wear attire that matches or is similar to the groom. All your groomsmen should wear suits or tuxedos. And, your colors can coordinate with the bridesmaids and your future spouse. For example, if peach is the color of the flowers, let your groomsmen wear a peach flower in their lapel or add a peach pocket square.

If you’re going with a tuxedo, more than likely, you’ll stay classic with a black tie and white pocket square, so don’t worry too much about color-matching here. What’s more important is the style. Tuxes are automatically more formal and should match the occasion and style of bridesmaids dresses.


When deciding what you want to wear, you want to be comfortable. Your rental suit or tuxedo should be a satisfying fit. And, renting is an excellent idea because you can find the latest suits and tuxedo styles. You can also ensure all your groomsmen have the right fit and that their suits match perfectly.

And, when you rent your suits or tuxes? You can save money. Generation Tux offers an a la carte option, making shirt, shoes and accessories optional; rent what you need.


“The tuxedo arrived on time. Fit perfectly the FIRST time! The online measurements were my first of it’s kind and I was nothing less than amazed at the precision of it all. My wedding is in 2020 and I will definitely be using Generation Tux. You guys ROCK!” –  Wedding Wire Review

How does it work? First, design your look and find your fit. Next, test your look and organize your groomsmen. With free Home Try-On, you can try your suit or tuxedo on and ship it back for free.

groom and groomsmen wearing Black Peak Lapel Tuxedo


  • Over 21 suit and tuxedo styles; plus thousands of color combinations. You are guaranteed to find the perfect look for your event.
  • Modern and slim designs feature luxury quality fabrics with a full range of sizing.
  • Delivery of the suits/tuxes straight to your door 14-days before your event date.
  • Offer grooms free rental with 5 or more groomsmen.

With consistent 5-Star reviews on Wedding Wire, rent online and have your suit or tuxedo shipped to your door. Make your big day even better with Generation Tux!

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