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Why Classic Black for Your Groom

As the groom, all eyes are on you and your future spouse. And on your wed­ding day, you want to look impec­ca­bly styl­ish and show a lit­tle swag. While you might not be sure what to wear or how to dress your grooms­men, this sim­ple guide can help you with order­ing your suit or tux. And, you’ll be pic­ture-per­fect on your big day.

Black is a per­fect option to wear on your big day. It’s the ulti­mate dap­per look. James Bond would be proud. If you’re afraid of look­ing like you’re going to a funer­al or like you’re get­ting mar­ried last cen­tu­ry, then please, stop now. That’s just ridicu­lous. Black is back, baby.

Here are a few tips to help you look styl­ish for your wed­ding day and have your grooms­men look­ing their best:


Black is tra­di­tion­al for wed­dings because it’s clas­sic and for­mal. It’s easy to match up with most col­or palettes. Black also goes well with every­thing. You can take the fuss out of plan­ning. It’s time­less, ver­sa­tile, all-sea­son and sim­ple to acces­sorize with oth­er col­or schemes and pat­terns. Pray tell, can you think of a look that’s bet­ter than a black tuxe­do?

Groom looking into mirror, adjusting bowtie in Black Notch Lapel Tuxedo.


Are you unsure of whether to wear a suit or a tuxe­do? When you think suit, you like­ly envi­sion some­one going to work. If you think tuxe­do, you might be remind­ed of Tom Cruise or Daniel Craig in a spy movie. There’s no deny­ing it. A black suit or tux is unde­ni­ably sharp. And, you will look your best.


  • You can wear a tie or bow-tie.
  • You can wear lace-ups or loafers.
  • Acces­sorize how you see fit: pock­et square, cuf­flinks, or tie bar.
  • Suits are for wed­dings and date night.


  • A tuxe­do may have satin lapels, satin but­tons, and a satin stripe down the pant leg.
  • A tuxedo’s acces­sories include a cum­mer­bund, sus­penders, a bow-tie, or vest.
  • Shoes with a tuxe­do are tra­di­tion­al­ly black patent leather.
  • Tuxe­dos are for for­mal occa­sions like the opera, a char­i­ty ball or a black-tie wed­ding.
  • With a tuxe­do, you can also mix and match (lapel styles) tuxe­dos and suits in your wed­ding par­ty.
  • And, you can dress more for­mal than your grooms­men.
groom and groomsmen in Black Notch Lapel Tuxedo.


Grooms­men will gen­er­al­ly wear attire that match­es or is sim­i­lar to the groom. All your grooms­men should wear suits or tuxe­dos. And, your col­ors can coor­di­nate with the brides­maids and your future spouse. For exam­ple, if peach is the col­or of the flow­ers, let your grooms­men wear a peach flower in their lapel or add a peach pock­et square.

If you’re going with a tuxe­do, more than like­ly, you’ll stay clas­sic with a black tie and white pock­et square, so don’t wor­ry too much about col­or-match­ing here. What’s more impor­tant is the style. Tux­es are auto­mat­i­cal­ly more for­mal and should match the occa­sion and style of brides­maids dress­es.


When decid­ing what you want to wear, you want to be com­fort­able. Your rental suit or tuxe­do should be a sat­is­fy­ing fit. And, rent­ing is an excel­lent idea because you can find the lat­est suits and tuxe­do styles. You can also ensure all your grooms­men have the right fit and that their suits match per­fect­ly.

And, when you rent your suits or tux­es? You can save mon­ey. Gen­er­a­tion Tux offers an a la carte option, mak­ing shirt, shoes and acces­sories option­al; rent what you need.


“The tuxe­do arrived on time. Fit per­fect­ly the FIRST time! The online mea­sure­ments were my first of it’s kind and I was noth­ing less than amazed at the pre­ci­sion of it all. My wed­ding is in 2020 and I will def­i­nite­ly be using Gen­er­a­tion Tux. You guys ROCK!” –  Wed­ding Wire Review

How does it work? First, design your look and find your fit. Next, test your look and orga­nize your grooms­men. With free Home Try-On, you can try your suit or tuxe­do on and ship it back for free.

groom and groomsmen wearing Black Peak Lapel Tuxedo


  • Over 21 suit and tuxe­do styles; plus thou­sands of col­or com­bi­na­tions. You are guar­an­teed to find the per­fect look for your event.
  • Mod­ern and slim designs fea­ture lux­u­ry qual­i­ty fab­rics with a full range of siz­ing.
  • Deliv­ery of the suits/tuxes straight to your door 14-days before your event date.
  • Offer grooms free rental with 5 or more grooms­men.

With con­sis­tent 5‑Star reviews on Wed­ding Wire, rent online and have your suit or tuxe­do shipped to your door. Make your big day even bet­ter with Gen­er­a­tion Tux!

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